Professional Repair Service

You invested a great deal of time, energy and finances into getting the perfect window treatments in place. The last thing that you want is to end up needing repairs and not knowing who to turn to. The problem is that the average inferior window covering company is not much more than a team of glorified window blind salespeople. So it can be hard to find a reliable professional for window treatment repairs in New Jersey.

When it comes to knowing more than how to push overstock on to consumers, there isn't much to go on. Part of the important and noticeable difference working with a true industry expert is that we know the products and can offer skilled workmanship. This should always include the ability to service your window coverings, including repairs.

Life happens and things go wrong, break, and need repairs. Even high quality window treatments can only take so much wear and tear. Keep in mind however, that Not all window treatments can be altered, changed or repaired.


Some problems that may be standing in your way of using and enjoying your window treatments include:


  • Hardware is broken and needs replacement.

  • The cords in your blinds may be tangled or need replacing.

  • Another common issue is when one or more slats on your blinds breaks.

  • The louvers on your shutters can take a lot of abuse but will eventually break and need fixing.

  • The wand that operates the direction of your vertical blinds may break and need replacement.


The bottom line is that there are a lot of things that can go wrong with window treatments like shutters, shades and window blinds , so knowing who to call on to fix these issues is what matters the most. Let our crew of pros help you salvage the window treatments you already have in place so you get years more of peak performance from them

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